With my trip creeping up on me I have had no time to post! Double shifts to pay off and for my upcoming IRELAND trip have been time consuming. I even decided that painting my room before I left was a good idea.. it looks great don’t get me wrong.. but what a worldwind of time tied up that could have been spent on trying to get things ready. I haven’t even made my list on what I’m going to pack yet! Hopefully I can get that done today.. I look forward to sharing my adventures with you once I return.


Green Everything. Seems like I missed a day in March! St.Patricks day means my mother playing the green Santa. Leaving everyone in the house a little green gift on their placemat where we eat dinner. Sometimes they are fun things, sometimes edible but always something to do with the theme. My sister occasionally does the parade, but as a family we haven’t attended, March is usually still pretty cold for outings like that with so many people out on the street – just too much chaos. A few of the bars downtown serve green beer for the day. Really the day is a great excuse to have some people get together and have a few leisurely drinks – or more than a few. It usually leaves the day after St. Pattys to be a day of recovery if you know what I mean. I’ve seen my sister in rough shape too often around this time of year. All in all a good day to celebrate with a toast – Cheers to March 17th all!

I miss the days of Easter Egg hunts. My Grandmothers old house was HUGE, by huge I mean like she could host a family gathering of over 40 people comfortably in that place. It was a tradition that we did Easter Egg hunts there, all the children of her 6 daughters would wait in the basement while the mothers/aunts would hide chocolate eggs inside and out and then let the children free on the hunt. You can never have too much chocolate, even though personally I no longer have that sweet tooth. Another Easter tradition of ours is my grandmother making hot cross buns. Delicious once a year treats, I always only ate the cross as it was so much more tastier than the buns themselves. Now that my grandmother sold that house the Easter egg hunt has faded out and we stick to exchanging different kinds of chocolates that the each of us love. We still try and get together for to have a extended family dinner, which is usually a success. Good food, good chocolate, and good time spent.

it’s just what we do. I mention this next because early and late March bring about my birthday and my sisters birthday. My dad’s side of the family lives a tad far from us so they send us cards to wish us happy birthday – as well as call – but the cards usually end up coming early and the rule is that you are not allowed to open them until the day of your birthday. These cards sit at our spots at the dinner table and taunt us. Once our birthday morning arrives our mother will wake us up, everyone will be gathered around the table and we open gifts and cards. In advance of this we usually plan a day close to our birthdays with which to celebrate at a restaurant with a really good meal, we always try to go to a place where we haven’t been before, makes dining fun. Oh goodness how we enjoy food. Sometimes we do events such as laser quest or skyzone, but we (the celebratee) usually have to plan that ourselves. Can’t go wrong celebrating your birthday and including your family, it just makes for a more interesting and entertaining day!

Family Day is a day off for everyone in my house. I choose to stay home and hang out with my family because really, why not, there’s no better way to spend a day than in your pajamas having some great laughs. Due to the fact that everyone is home the idea of playing cards gets brought up right away. Mom will usually clean the house, I’ll clean the turtle tank and then we’ll get around to playing cards somewhere in the afternoon/evening time. Days like these are the best to just kick back, relax, and enjoy the time you have not having to worry about anything. Mellow post for a day celebrated on the more mellow side.

What you’re going to learn from these posts is that my mother is the ultimate year round Santa Clause. On days that we celebrate we all try to get up together to have breakfast – which usually means 7am because my mother has to leave for work around 7:30am. You don’t have to set an alarm or anything because sure enough mom will come to your door, knock twice and say “Hunny it’s valentine’s day, time to get up.” My sister and I get to the table like zombies only to be surprised with red or pink bags filled with feminine celebratory goods. We usually end up getting PJ’s, lotions, and of course chocolate of our favorite kind. Dad usually gets shaving creams, PJ’s and chocolate as well. My mom has the funniest sense of humor. She always buys herself stuff.. wraps it.. presents it on the table as if someone else had dropped all that stuff off. We’ve stopped believing that story. The rest of us usually end up getting mom flowers and chocolate of her liking. We have breakfast together, mom leaves for work and my sister and I usually end up going back to bed. Ha, too much excitement for 7am I tell you.