East Coast of Canada

A family member of ours decided that they were going to get married on the East Coast in Nova Scotia. Her husband was from there so everyone made a trip out of it. Another trip where we decided to drive, good thing too because we got to check out MORE than just Nova Scotia. We made a stop in Digby Nova Scotia for the scallops, Halifax for the Citadel, New Brunswick for a bit of their coast line, we crossed the confederation bridge from Nova Scotia to PEI. The scallops in Digby were supreme, genuinely the best seafood you could ask for – probably because of its freshness. The Citadel in Halifax was a beautiful landmark. The coast line all across the Eastern side of Canada was beautiful, the sand to the rocky shores to the water and the creatures that flourished off the land. We were going to end our trip there then saw the bridge in our sights and decided to make the it across would be another great step in our journey. So we took the trip and crossed the bridge. This bridge is probably one of the most terrifying drives I’ve ever taken, the bridge is very narrow and runs over the ocean, the thought of accidentally enjoying the beauty of it and driving over the edge was very realistic to me. Ha, of course this didn’t happen, but the thought was loud and clean in my head. Once we had crossed we did a little tourist exploring in the welcome area of PEI before deciding that we should start our journey home. Beautiful coast line.

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